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At SGS, we love change. And we want you to love it too. Like most people, your life is probably changing constantly, and we think that’s pretty exciting.

But change can leave you with a lot to think about. You probably have plenty of change to ponder right now. But how often do you consider what all of this change means for your taxes?

For us, the answer is "quite often." In fact, we almost never stop thinking about it. Because it turns out that each and every change in your life—whether monumental or minute—can affect your taxes.

Think about everything that’s changed for you this year. Had a baby? Got a new place? Donated some money? Bought a car? Bought a house? Started college? Finished college? New investment strategy? New job? Retired? Un-retired?

Each of these alone can in some way make your tax return different from last year. And that can make change a hard thing to love. Fortunately, our team of tax experts knows exactly how to handle every last one of these changes, and many more.

Where you see snags and traps, we see opportunities to get you the best possible return. So you can stop worrying, and embrace the change.

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