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Chances are your company’s biggest investment is also the only one that can get upset when you make a bookkeeping error.

Accurate payroll is one of the simplest ways to keep employees satisfied, keep books in line, and keep your tax return free of messy surprises at the end of the year. But with employee benefits, retirement plans, taxes and other deductions, payroll can also be your most complex investment to manage.

Protect that investment with a payroll service that gets it right every time. SGS’ automated payroll service takes the intricate and obstacle-laden task of payroll, and whittles it down to a simple interface that automatically tracks the whole process for you. Sync up with your existing bookkeeping software for easy record-keeping across the board.

Don’t leave your most important investment open to holdups and human error. Let SGS guarantee easy and accurate payroll as the cornerstone of a sound budget plan.

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